Several issues have occurred at the capitol this week, which need to be promptly addressed. First, a threat was made against a senator at the Capitol. The second issue is my call for the governor to resign and the House to move for impeachment as soon as possible.

First and foremost, I want all visitors to know, our State Capitol is still a safe place to visit. The first responders, firefighters and law enforcement officials did a magnificent job of quickly responding. They also were able to quickly determine the package delivered was not of a harmful nature. My fellow colleagues and I held an emergency committee meeting directing staff to develop proper protocol to lower the risk of this ever happening again. Our Capitol is still one of the greatest places to visit and is safe and secure.

The second issue, was my call for resignation of the governor and the request the House moves for impeachment. Earlier this week, our chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Josh Hawley, stated he believed enough evidence existed for a felony criminal charge against the governor for actions that allegedly happened during his campaign. I have full confidence in Attorney General Hawley and his ability to investigate and understand the laws, and I support his decision.

Here are my statements:

Capitol Security
On Wednesday, April 18, an unknown substance was delivered in an envelope to a senator’s office. The envelope with the substance then came in contact with several staff members, and authorities were promptly called to investigate the issue. At this moment, law enforcement believes the substance poses no threat to the public. However, authorities are taking extreme caution with the situation and are working to ensure the State Capitol remains safe for all visitors.

“We wish to thank local first responders and members of law enforcement for their quick reaction to the issue. Early analysis indicates the substance is not harmful and does not present a threat to anyone in the building; however, we are extremely thankful that they continue to monitor the situation in order to guarantee our protection and safety.”

Governor Greitens
“For the last several months, I have been in constant contact with the speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives and the Missouri attorney general. We have reached a critical turning point in the allegations made against the governor. The decisions made going forward will have a significant effect on the state of Missouri. After speaking with the attorney general today, I believe the governor has no other respectable option than to resign from office.

“We are past the point of concerning and alarming. Since his time in office, the governor has caused tension, conflict and hostility. The weight of his actions are being felt throughout the state. Now, these alleged illegal actions are further harmful to the people of Missouri and do not represent Missouri values. It’s time for the governor to find the courage in his heart and do what is in the best interests of the people he serves and step aside.

“This is not a sentiment held lightly. Serving the people of Missouri is an extraordinary honor, one I believe requires each elected official to rise to the occasion. Sometimes that occasion is knowing when it’s time to step aside.

Because of the severity of the allegations, it is my wish that we immediately start impeachment proceedings.”